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Today, we'd like to share our top four tips on job specifications and job adverts for employers.

✅ Try to remove subjective requirements in the job spec

When producing the job spec, really look at the immense subjective requirements you have in these documents.

Try to remove phrases like "great communication skills are needed" or this is a "really high, pressured, fast paced environment". These can be really alienating to neurodivergent applicants

✅ Make it clear what skills are actually required to do the job

The second thing to focus on is looking at skills, what skills are actually required to do the job and make it clear what skills are actually essential for this role and what ones are desirable.

In fact, just consider removing any desirable skills if need be.

✅ Be transparent about what the salary is and what the interview process will look like

The third tip is relation to clarity around the salary in the interview process.

We often see documents produced without any salary and guidelines or anything like that.

Really try to move away from that and be quite clear about salary benefits, but equally so be really clear about what the interview process looks like for this role, how many stages it will be, the type of things are involved etc.

You don't have to give all the details, but a good level overview.

✅ Be clear about your flexible working policy

And the final tip is around the culture and the flexible working policy of this organisation.

Be really clear about what this entails how flexible you are, be very clear about the hybrid working policy and I believe that you'll start to get better applicants coming through they're far more relevant for you.

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