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10 tips for neuroinclusive recruitment with Diversita

Watch our latest Webinar where Marc Crawley, founder of Diversita, shared his top 10 tips to create a neuroinclusive recruitment process and also discussed why organisations should Start With One!

Diversita are in contact with around 200 ND job seekers per month so we are really building a picture of the type of recruitment experience our candidates would like. Marc was happy to share some tips to get companies started.

This session will be of interest for anyone in organisations that are responsible for recruitment and creating an inclusive recruitment process.

We also discussed our Start With One programme that offers 10 hours of FREE CPD accredited training for companies. All we ask is that organisations commit to hiring ONE candidate from Diversita in a 12 month period.

Watch our latest Webinar now on LinkedIn with the following link to learn about these useful tips and more about Start With One! -

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