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Our New Start With One Programme!

As an organisation , can you #startwithone?

This week was World Autism Awareness Day and while it's an occasion to be celebrated we have a responsibility and opportunity in the UK to give more employment opportunities to Autistic jobseekers and all neurodivergent individuals.

Marc and Giulia started to contribute to change for their Autistic son and while things are improving please see below a reminder of some key stats

➡ 71% of Autistic adults are unemployed

➡ It's very likely many of the working 29% are underemployed

➡ Around 40% of ND adults are unemployed

So today we are ask ONE question

As an organisation can you commit to hiring ONE candidate through in the next 12 months?

If the answer is YES , we will commit to providing 10 hours of FREE training to help create a more neuroinclusive recruitment process and working environment.

Please contact Marc Crawley or for more information.

You can also book a time here

Awareness is amazing....but let's not forget action.

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