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#RewiringRecruitment 2023, Marc speaks about neurodiverse recruitment

Our Founder Marc Crawley speaks at the Big Red Recruitment rewiring event by giving a thought-provoking introduction to neurodiversity within recruitment.

Not sure where to start with Neurodiversity inclusion?

Marc Crawley's informative session also discusses simple, cost-free practices that can make the recruitment process far more neurodivergent-friendly and inclusive to all.

With Marc's advice and guidance being the 'kick' for the Big Red Recruitment company, they have actively begun to build a more neuroinclusive recruitment environment. An aspect of this has been the #rewiringrecruitment 2023 event, below you can find Marc's segment where he brings a personal edge on this hot topic guiding you through neurodiversity and offering practical tips you can implement in your organisation.

Interested in booking Marc for an event or other enquiries? Please contact us on our clients page below;

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