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As an organisation we ask - Can you commit to hiring ONE of our incredible ND job seekers in the next 12 months?

If the answer is YES Diversita will commit to providing 10 HOURS of free neuroinclusivity training / consultancy for the company

We help Organisations progress through their Neurodiversity recruitment journey

At Diversita our mission is to work with organisations to introduce them to Neurodivergent professionals


We provide a range of recruitment services and expertise that is underpinned by extensive experience and a personal passion to assist the Neurodiverse community. 


The range of services we offer help organisations move towards an inclusive recruitment process for ND applicants and provides a candidate experience that promotes belonging.


Diversita work with over a 2000 Neurodiverse candidates and 40 organisations and can assist companies in every step of their recruitment journey.


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Recruitment Services

We help introduce companies to neurodivergent job seekers

ND Awareness lunch and learn session

This 60 minute session will provide attendees with a conversational understanding of ND. 

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Creating a Neuroinclusive recruitment process

We talk recruitment teams and HR through some of the challenges for ND candidates in the current recruitment process

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ND for people managers

Diversita provide training for people managers/ leaders

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On boarding and coaching and support

Whitmore Consulting Diversita Partner

We partner with Whitmore Consulting tp provide support to ND employee's once they start a new role

Start With One


Start With One Programme 10 hours free training if you hire ONE of our incredible ND job seekers in the next 12 months



When neurodivergent employees are affected by redundancy, Diversita are here to support them.


Diversita can work with your organisation over an agreed period.

Keynote Speaking and Talks

Marc Crawley - Founder of Diversita - is available for talks and speaking engagements

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