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“Our mission is to unlock the potential of neurodivergent talent through tailored recruitment, training and awareness“

Marc and Giulia Crawley started Diversita with the aim of combining personal passion with professional experience to contribute positively to the neurodiverse community

Marc and Giulia’s youngest son is Autistic, and they are eager to change prohibitive recruitment practices so that all neurodiverse job seekers can fulfil their potential

At its core, Diversita is a recruitment agency that assists neurodiverse job seekers and works with organisations to hire neurodivergent applicants

Diversita also provide extensive training for companies to help make the application and interview process neurodivergent friendly

Diversita began in April 2022 and now works with over 2000 neurodivergent candidates and over 30 organisations

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Meet The Team Behind Diversita


Marc Crawley | LinkedIn Profile


Marc is the Founder / Director of Diversita and has worked in recruitment since 2005


Marc has a passion for neurodiversity awareness and every day strives to create job opportunities for ND job seekers.


Marc is the self appointed geekiest person in Kent - Loves Comic con's,  Disney, Star Wars, Marvel films and retro video games (do not try to tell him that Mario 64 isn't the greatest game of all time). He also has an unhealthy obsession with his Peloton!


His biggest passion by far though are his family and in particular his 2 sons.

Hannah O'Brien | LinkedIn Profile


Hannah is a Recruitment Consultant at Diversita and joined our team in May 2023.

Hannah has a passion for helping make change for people and creating spaces and environments where people feel accepted and able to be themselves.

With an interest in creating a world that has space for everyone she is keen on increasing diversity in the workplace, as well as educating, to help destigmatise neurodiversity in the workplace and create more accessibility.


In her own time Hannah enjoys spending time in nature, foraging and hiking, looking at rocks and searching for mushrooms. She also enjoys crochet and other creative hobbies like painting and bad karaoke.


Tayler-James Martin | LinkedIn Profile


Tayler-James is a Recruitment Consultant at Diversita and joined our team in August 2023.

Tayler is an enthusiastic and passionate member of the team looking to improve perception of neurodiverse people in the workforce and playing to people's strengths to create positive change.

Bold honesty is the only policy and getting to the core of people, not positions, to create new exciting spaces in the workplace to make a positive impact for their own lives and their work environments.  

In his own time, Tayler enjoys hiking in nature, conservation projects, board games and live action role play and will often be found in the woods or camping.


Giulia Crawley | LinkedIn Profile


Giulia is the Operations and Social Impact Manager at Diversita. With a passion for neurodiversity awareness and community development, Giulia brings a dedication to her role, which encompasses a range of responsibilities. These include operational management, employee engagement, and a social impact focus through the Diversita Mentoring Programme.

Giulia is committed to driving social change through her work, and she believes that Diversita's mission to create a more inclusive workforce aligns with her values and personal goals. She is dedicated to ensuring that Diversita operates with integrity, accountability, and transparency.


In her free time, Giulia enjoys travelling, watching TV, eating out and spending time with her family.



Antoni Crawley | LinkedIn Profile


Antoni is working for Diversita part time while studying Wildlife conservation at The University of Kent. ​


He is passionate about helping others and is the epitome of a "people person." ​


Antoni is the Website Manager for Diversita, and please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any enquiries and he will arrange a call for you.​


In his spare time he spends way too much money on Warhammer and is destined to be miserable for the rest of his life as a Tottenham fan!

Stephen Lucas | LinkedIn Profile


Stephen worked for over 20 years in pharmacy aseptic services and cancer services for his local NHS hospital in that time he established a completely new aseptic unit and developed most of the working practices for the department. as the deputy to the lead technician. 


His passion is for caring for others and his super power is empathy. 


Away from work he loves sci fi and comedy he sees the art form of stand up the way others see music it’s all in the melody!


Due to some health issues he had to step away from his work for a while and has since dedicated himself to looking after his amazing daughter and their pet cat and dog.

Marc Whitmore.jpeg

Marc Whitmore | LinkedIn Profile


Marc is an experienced career and leadership coach endorsed by Influence Digest as one of the Top 20 Coaches in Liverpool. 


Marc set up his coaching practice 5 years ago and has worked

extensively with individuals on their careers and leadership skills. 


Marc was diagnosed with ADHD, and this has transformed how he sees himself as a coach in the future. Since his diagnosis last year, he is now coaching and

working with an increasing number of neurodivergent clients.


Marc loves going on exotic and credit card busting all-inclusive holidays with his family. 


Marc’s biggest passion is his family, his 2 adult children, Jacob and Grace, his partner Jacqui, and his chocolate Labrador Theo, and his white cat Loki.

Alex Riches


Alex is a mathematician by training and after a short stint in secondary education, he joined Deutsche Bank in 2005 where he has enjoyed a diverse set of roles across Sales and Trading, Finance, Treasury, Strategy, Transformation and most recently Regulation and Controls for Technology. 


He is a passionate and vocal supporter of multiple Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives within Deutsche Bank, with a focus on Neurodiversity, where he set up an internship for Autistic graduates. 


Outside of Deutsche Bank he is an active Venture Philanthropist and since 2016 has focused almost exclusively on Neurodiversity Employment working with charities, academics and companies to create opportunities for Neurodiverse individuals to thrive in the workplace. 


Alex is thrilled to be invited onto the Board of Directors for Diversity and excited to help grow the business and support its mission is to unlock the potential of neurodivergent talent through tailored recruitment, training and awareness


Social Impact

Diversita is commited to contributing positively to the neurorodiverse community in a variety of ways

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