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Who are Diversita?

“Our mission is to unlock the potential of neurodivergent talent through tailored recruitment, training and awareness“

Marc and Giulia Crawley started Diversita with the aim of combining personal passion with professional experience to contribute positively to the neurodiverse community

Marc and Giulia’s youngest son Tomas is Autistic, and they are eager to change prohibitive recruitment practices so that all neurodiverse job seekers can fulfil their potential

At its core, Diversita is a recruitment agency that assists neurodiverse job seekers and works with organisations to hire neurodivergent applicants

Diversita also provide extensive training for companies to help make the application and interview process neurodivergent friendly

Diversita began in April 2022 and now works with over 1000 neurodivergent candidates and over 20 organisations

Diversita's Youtube

Social Impact

Diversita is commited to contributing positively to the neurorodiverse community in a variety of ways

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