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"Neuroinclusive recruitment using space technology"

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We were SO delighted recently to be able to welcome Rob Brougham from Braided Communications to Diversita Live! is always looking to make the qualification and recruitment process as inclusive as possible and after hearing the Braided Communications story and their exciting new method of communication, ➡ Braiding ⬅ we were inspired to see if we could collaborate.

What is Braiding? Braiding is a new way of meeting. Originally built to help astronauts in space communicate with people on the ground, it now helps teams on Earth to embrace neurodiversity.

Neurodivergent individuals often have different ways of thinking that can bring new solutions to challenges. We also have different communication preferences. Braiding allows everyone to communicate effectively together in live meetings.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to hear from Rob and understand how Braiding works and why it could be an exciting communication option that promotes belonging.

Please click HERE to view the recording

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