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Diversita's November Roundup!

Welcome to our November Roundup! This Blog is a roundup of everything we've been discussing on our linkedin page all month! To join our newsletter and our community click here!

Neurodiversity tribunals are on the rise, and have been since 2020 🤯

Neurodiversity tribunals are on the rise. According to HR magazine, cases of discrimination against neurodivergent individuals are continuing to increase. What this reveals is that many companies are still struggling to create an inclusive environment for these employees.

This shows the importance of better understanding the needs of neurodiverse employees and making accommodations to help them thrive at work. These accommodations can range from simple adjustments in communication to providing assistive technology.

Just like a canary in a coalmine, neurodiversity tribunals should be a wake-up call for companies to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that welcomes all talents and abilities.

Become confident at work thanks to 9 proven tips and strategies

One of our wonderful LinkedIn community members shared a great article on BetterUp which we had to share with you all. It's packed with useful tips and strategies to help you become more confident in the workplace.

The article covers everything from identifying your strengths to embracing vulnerability to using positive self-talk, which is useful for everything from going into interviews to settling into your new job.

We found the section on "Identify Your Confidence Killer" particularly helpful because it can be so easy to let external factors influence our confidence - but sometimes you have to take steps to remind yourself how capable you are!

New Institution of Engineering and Technology report shows more needs to be done for neurodivergent employees

The report reveals that there there is an urgent need to make engineering and technology more inclusive for neurodivergent people – and it provides practical guidance to employers to create a more inclusive working environment.

It points out that challenges result from the specifics of their neurotype including:

  • Lack of awareness and understanding

  • Neurotypical approaches and expectations being the standard for workplace behaviour

  • Difficulty accessing workplace adaptations

  • The impact of all these on sustaining good mental health and well-being

It’s well worth a read! Click here for the full report, including a summary (if you’re short on time!).

Have you ever wondered what a good working culture looks like for neurodivergent people?

Well, you're in luck! We recently shared a post on our LinkedIn page explaining our work culture and why it works for neurodivergent people. Some of the things we touched on were:

  • Providing flexibility

  • 4 day working week

  • Open management style

  • Solution driven (rather than focusing on the problems)

  • Taking time for pro bono work

  • Birthdays off

By sharing this post, we hope to inspire other businesses that it’s possible to create an inclusive and flexible culture (and often without breaking the bank!).

Making changes to the entire workplace can eliminate the need for individual accommodations while boosting your team's mental well-being and productivity.

Our News

Support our Founder Marc Crawley's 24 Days of December Peloton Fundraiser for LNSEN! 🎅

From the 1st -24th December, Marc will be riding 15k per day on his Peloton to raise money for the amazing London neurodiversity SEND employer network - LNSEN.

Led by Elena Vidal , the LNSEN are an organisation thathelps young neurodivergent people who want to have better secured employment outcomes.

This organisation is truly inspirational and the any money raised will assist Elena in continuing to support young ND job seekers.

A BIG thank you to everyone who attended our festive community meetup 🎄

Thanks SO much to everyone that joined our November community meetup. We had some insightful, engaging conversations and it was brilliant to see nearly 20 attendees.

We also learnt about some of our community's favourite winter movies....Doctor Zhivago got loads of love 💙

Some of the key areas covered were

➡ Pro's and con's of disclosure

➡ Questions in advance of an interview

➡ What happens when you disclose to companies

➡ The benefits of being yourself in the interview

There was lots more discussed and debated and, as always the support of our community means everything. The next meet up will be on the 25th Jan so we will send out information in the new year.

If you'd like to join our community group on LinkedIn, click here.

We've launched a new video series 📹

We're really excited to have launched a new video series on our LinkedIn page for neurodivergent candidates and employers with our top tips on how to navigate the job market as an ND candidate, and how to make organisations more neuroinclusive. We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful feedback we've had on our videos so far - it means a lot!

A huge thank you to our community on the blog, newsletter, linkedin and other social medias!

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